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Updated March 15, 2014

As a collector of postcards, my favorite publisher is Edward H. Mitchell, of San Francisco. Most of his postcards are about the West, he was very prolific, and his cards have great color for the period of time they were created. Most of these postcards are over 90 years old. He published postcards for other photographers, which are included in my collection. Because of the large number of different postcards there are many duplicate numbers. Several different pictures were taken of the same subject. When the postcard was republished often a new view was published instead of the original. There were postcards being re-published with other publishing companies that Mitchell owned or was a partner in, Pacific Novelty Co. and Souvenir Publishing Co. I have created web sites for those publishing companys as well. I have done my best to create a inventory system for your reference and ours. The inventory list is larger than the postcard slideshow. Probably only 80% of my postcards are on the web site because of how labor intensive maintaining the slide show. I now have close to 3,000 different Mitchell postcards, because of the size of the collection I am making an inventory list to show the postcard it references.

I have read that by 1923 Mitchell stopped taking photos and was out of the business by 1928, for other business interests. Mitchell rode the rails, which makes sense in his era. I am sure that he created many postcards about the railroads in exchange for discounted or free travel. I believe that is why the phrase “The Road of a Thousand Wonders” was created, it appears on many cards . Mitchell also loved to have artists paint hats on people, he loved hats, and add other eye candy to sell postcards. At one point he was even putting sparkle on some postcards.

I continue to buy postcards published by Mitchell regardless of the subject matter, I am more concerned about the condition of the cards. The advantage in selling to me is that I can pretty much guarantee you that you will be able to continue to view your cards on my web site. I also can pay more money for the card because I do not have to resell it I think that this is the largest Mitchell postcard collection. If you feel the same attraction to Mitchell, email me and I will keep you updated about the Mitchell postcard duplicates that I am going to start selling. They will be offered for sale on PostcardsoftheWest.com, which has a link on this web site.

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